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You might be settled on getting a deck and have been researching endlessly for design inspirations. Getting a deck and working with deck builders for your Traverse City home is a smart choice for those who’d like to maximize their outdoor space.

However, it’s challenging to know which type is the best for your home. We at Michigan Deck Builders would like to help you by presenting different deck options that can suit you and your requirements.

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Antonia Maria
Antonia Maria
4 months ago
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I havent met a team that values customer satisfaction like this one. They delivered services really well. Great experience
Beatriz Galindo
Beatriz Galindo
4 months ago
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I will totally recommend this company to anyone looking for similar services. They are experts. I highly recommend it! Five star rating 🌟
Josimar Fontes
Josimar Fontes
4 months ago
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This is really one of the best teams I've worked with. They were super effective and I am so happy that I hired them. ..
Virgil R. Burriss
Virgil R. Burriss
4 months ago
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This team was an absolute dream to work with! Not only did they build a magnificent deck for my house, but their politeness and impressive level of effectiveness made the entire experience incredibly enjoyable. Without reservation, I highly recommend them.
Cyrus Hillary
Cyrus Hillary
4 months ago
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To fix and restore a 20-year-old redwood patio deck, I hired them. The majority of the planks were browned by weather, and some of them had decayed. By power washing, bleaching, and replacing damaged planks, they did an excellent job of refinishing. They then used their normal preservation sealer/coater to complete the project.
Orlando Ferrantino
Orlando Ferrantino
4 months ago
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I'm a huge fan of this team and the work they do. I definitely recommend these because of their outstanding efficiency! They produced incredible outcomes; it was very inspiring. Best job
Emilly Delisie
Emilly Delisie
4 months ago
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Working with this team is a real pleasure, they bring their A-game and show respect is everything to do. To notch work all around!
Janet Evans
Janet Evans
2 months ago
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I am into real estate, and my company uses them all the time. Never had a single compliant.
Owen Martin
Owen Martin
3 weeks ago
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Michigan Deck Builders brought modern flair to our outdoor space. They incorporated sleek lines and stylish features, creating a deck that perfectly complements our modern home. The builders' attention to detail and use of cutting-edge materials were impressive. We now have a chic and modern deck.
Sadio Liam
Sadio Liam
9 months ago
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I had a great time working with this team. They built me a deck that I will enjoy for many years despite the fact that my previous one was rather old and in bad repair. When we were deciding what kind of deck we wanted, the salesperson was really kind and patient with us.
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Deck Builders Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders
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Why Hire Deck Builders in Traverse City, MI

​Building a deck is a major home improvement project. There are some aspects you should consider first like your budget, the available space, and its purpose. While some might initially decide on going the DIY route, it is still important to consider the whole picture of the project. Aside from the legwork, it also requires sound planning about logistics, space allocation, functionality and safety.
With this, it is best to work with a professional deck builder. In Traverse Citydeck builders have the skills, experience, knowledge, and equipment to build the deck that fits the owner and the space right. Aside from having a professional approach applied to your deck construction, you are also relieved of time and effort to supervise everything. You are sure that a system is in place and a timeline you can stick to.
Though you are delegating most of the work to a custom deck builders, you are still the main boss of the project. You still get to decide about a lot of things like the design and layout of your deck. Working with deck builders in Traverse City, MI can help you make guided decisions and execute your ideas accurately.

Custom Deck Builders

​Turning your deck into stylish yet functional space can be achieved with proper planning and execution. Here are the major things to consider first:

  • How big is your outdoor space?
  • What type is your outdoor space (sloping land, flat land, rooftop, etc.)?
  • How much is your budget?
  • What is your deck’s primary purpose?

The perfect deck design for you should address all of the answers to these questions. Make sure you have the details ready before you talk to a prospect deck builders in Traverse City, MI.
Here are the types of decks you can explore. Go ahead and see if they suit your style and requirements.

Deck Patio Builders in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​1. Attached Decks

​Attached decks mostly serve as an extension of your living space.

​You can easily access it via the same door leading to your outdoor area. To serve its function and align with your indoor home setup, your living or dining area should open to your attached deck.
Attached decks are flexible outdoor areas that you can reconfigure easily to either cater to your guests or serve as a comfortable area for you to rest on. Since it is attached to your home, make the look more coherent with a color or design palette closer to your own. 

New Deck Builders in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​2. Detached Decks

​As the name itself, it is an isolated area within your property.

​You can be more flexible with the functions you intend your deck to be since it’s not directly accessible to your home. For example, you can equip it with a fire or barbecue pit without worrying about the smoke directly coming inside your home.
Another advantage of having a detached deck is more freedom to configure it to the design you want without much consideration to your home’s architecture. It doesn’t need to blend that much since it isn’t attached to your home.
Detached decks are forgiving of your land’s terrain since it can be made like a raised platform. You can use either wood or composite materials.

Design Deck Builders in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

3. Multilevel Decks

​Speaking of terrains, if you deal with higher degrees of elevation, you can build a series of multilevel decks that have access to each other. For extra-large outdoor spaces, multilevel decks can provide the best views across the property. A local deck builders in Traverse City, MI can be creative in planning the location of the best views and build around those areas.
Building multilevel decks also maximize the natural slopes in your property. This means no extra costs in flattening the land or working on extra structural foundations just to create a flat platform that rises above a sloped terrain. 

Cost of Deck Building in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

4. Wraparound Decks

​Similar to a porch, wraparound decks provide more ample space for furniture, creating better functionality.
Wraparound means working through the perimeter of the walls of your home. It gives you the option to which area you’d like to stay at certain times of the day, depending on your purpose. For example, choosing a spot in the morning where the sun rises or staying on the shaded part when the rains are pouring.
Wraparound decks call for wider space, so this is ideal for bigger properties. Aside from more space and features, it also lets the air circulate in your home better since you’ll have several access doors to it.

Professional Deck Builders in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​5. Pool Decks

Homeowners prefer pool decks for several reasons.

​One, its surface is more forgiving to swimmers who can now freely walk without scorching their feet on heated concrete or tiles. Decks are also easier to build if you like a raised lounge area beside your pool.
If you are worried about rotting wooden decks, you can let your deck builders in Traverse City, MI substitute composite a wooden deck instead. It requires less maintenance and is equally durable as its hardwood counterparts. 

Custom Deck Builders in Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​6. Entryway Platform Decks

​If you’d like to preserve your natural surroundings including the land, platform decks make good alternatives to concrete or stone pathways.

​No need to worry about muddy walkways since you can build raised platform decks. Have your deck builders Traverse City, MI connect several platform decks from your fence or property perimeter toward your main door.
For bigger front or entryway areas, you can create a foyer within your deck, too. This way, you can also entertain visitors outside your main home.

Deck Builders Near Traverse City, MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​7. Rooftop Decks

​For urban dwellers, you can still take advantage of the functionality of having a deck in your home.

​Have your deck builders Traverse City, MI create one in your rooftop! Just make sure your home’s structural foundations are built to carry it. 

One of the advantages of having a deck on your rooftop is a better view! You can bask in the views of the city while having breakfast or afternoon tea. And what a way to call the day by marveling at the stars.

Deck Extension Contractor in Traverse City MI - Michigan Deck Builders

8. Extension Decks

Some homeowners can customize their decks for a specific purpose. You can consider having an outdoor dining space complete with amenities like its own kitchen, grill, and sink.

​Use materials that are outdoor space-friendly. Your deck builders in Traverse City, MI can create a layout where you and your guests can freely mingle and enjoy the outdoors while on it.

There’s no limit to your imagination when it comes to configuring the right deck style and layout according to your needs and preference. And the best way to have your ideas executed properly is by working with a professional. Make sure you find the right deck builders in Traverse City, MI who can deliver its promise.

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