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​Many have been exploring ways to achieve that ideal outdoor space using decks. In choosing the material to use, there are several considerations like durability across all seasons, timelessness, functionality, and ease of maintenance. And with that, deck builders in Canton, MI are continuously innovating deck solutions to address the evolving needs of its customers.
Today, we will be exploring composite wood decking and how it fares as a standout solution (not just an alternative) according to local deck builders to fit the requirements of their clients.

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Antonia Maria
Antonia Maria
4 months ago
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I havent met a team that values customer satisfaction like this one. They delivered services really well. Great experience
Beatriz Galindo
Beatriz Galindo
4 months ago
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I will totally recommend this company to anyone looking for similar services. They are experts. I highly recommend it! Five star rating 🌟
Josimar Fontes
Josimar Fontes
4 months ago
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This is really one of the best teams I've worked with. They were super effective and I am so happy that I hired them. ..
Virgil R. Burriss
Virgil R. Burriss
4 months ago
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This team was an absolute dream to work with! Not only did they build a magnificent deck for my house, but their politeness and impressive level of effectiveness made the entire experience incredibly enjoyable. Without reservation, I highly recommend them.
Cyrus Hillary
Cyrus Hillary
4 months ago
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To fix and restore a 20-year-old redwood patio deck, I hired them. The majority of the planks were browned by weather, and some of them had decayed. By power washing, bleaching, and replacing damaged planks, they did an excellent job of refinishing. They then used their normal preservation sealer/coater to complete the project.
Orlando Ferrantino
Orlando Ferrantino
4 months ago
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I'm a huge fan of this team and the work they do. I definitely recommend these because of their outstanding efficiency! They produced incredible outcomes; it was very inspiring. Best job
Emilly Delisie
Emilly Delisie
4 months ago
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Working with this team is a real pleasure, they bring their A-game and show respect is everything to do. To notch work all around!
Janet Evans
Janet Evans
2 months ago
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I am into real estate, and my company uses them all the time. Never had a single compliant.
Owen Martin
Owen Martin
3 weeks ago
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Michigan Deck Builders brought modern flair to our outdoor space. They incorporated sleek lines and stylish features, creating a deck that perfectly complements our modern home. The builders' attention to detail and use of cutting-edge materials were impressive. We now have a chic and modern deck.
Sadio Liam
Sadio Liam
9 months ago
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I had a great time working with this team. They built me a deck that I will enjoy for many years despite the fact that my previous one was rather old and in bad repair. When we were deciding what kind of deck we wanted, the salesperson was really kind and patient with us.

Pros and Cons of Composite Decks

Eco-friendliness - Michigan Deck Builders


Though wood is a renewable source, it takes long years to grow and replace one cut tree.

​And we are talking about decades to a century here. We are seeing increasing depletion rates of our forests and as a responsible citizen of this world, we ought to take part in its conservation.
This birthed to composite decking. As the name itself, it is the melding of two materials – wood and plastic. By taking in the best of both worlds, we came up with a product that performs well under weathering but doesn’t hurt the environment.

Deck Building Cost - Michigan Deck Builders


One of the factors that customers of deck builders in Canton, MI are concerned about is the cost.

​Composite decking tends to be expensive overall. But how you perceive its cost is something that depends on the features you put a premium to.
Composite decking is about 50 to 100 percent more expensive than standard pressure-treated lumber. However, when we are talking about more expensive wooden materials like redwood, ipe, or tropical hardwood, that’s where it levels in.
Whether the cost is a pro or a con is still subject to certain factors. But if you are looking at the most affordable option from your deck builder in Canton MI, composite decking isn’t for you.

Durability - Michigan Deck Builders


One of the prominent assets of composite decking is its durability.

It is already manufactured to withstand weathering, with the properties of both wood and plastic melded intact. It also doesn’t crack or split easily like wooden boards.
Another noteworthy aspect of durability for composite decks is its capacity to resist contraction and expansion that’s observable in wood. Therefore, it is not only resilient under harsh weather conditions, but also in changing temperature.

Design and Aesthetics - Michigan Deck Builders

​Design and Aesthetics

There’s a lot of possibilities with composite materials, and turning them into attractive works of art is just as easy for custom deck builders. Composite decks can be made to look like real wood without the hefty price of a real one.
You can explore different colors and textures of composite decks to suit your preference. Deck builders in Canton MI are particularly excited working around composite decks since the design combinations can be flexible. It’s no feat to achieve a certain theme with composite materials. And as a bonus, the designs and patterns are durable enough to look faithful for a longer period.

Functionality - Michigan Deck Builders


The flexibility of composite decking doesn’t stop at its design.

​Because it can be engineered to suit any type of requirements, it is easier to incorporate additional features for safety and more aesthetics.
Composite materials aren’t just for the panels and boards alone. Your deck builder can also use it in stairs and railings to make them look coherent.
Our Canton, MI ​deck builders can incorporate additional features that revolve around other important users like children and the elderly. They can safely add features that will prevent them from slipping or falling off.

Maintenance - Michigan Deck Builders


​One of the major advantages of composite decking is the ease of maintenance.

​Composite materials are engineered to withstand use and abuse and will look as is over the years. This means you do not need to re-apply sealants or sand, paint, or stain annually to restore its original look.

You will also not worry about rotting like that of wood. It also doesn’t attract pests or molds with regular washing. 

Not only that it will remain beautiful even after many years of use, but it will also be stable and durable under harsh weather conditions. Composite decking is made out of strong plastic and wooden materials, combined to provide a sturdy and reliable structural framework for your decks.

Warranty - Michigan Deck Builders


Trex, one of the leading manufacturers of composite decking materials, is providing warranties to prove the value of their products. Reputable manufacturers are attesting to its capacity to maintain its appearance and durability in 10, 25, or even more years. It is also the same reason why it attracts professional deck builders since it provides a guarantee and value to their work.

Investment Value - Michigan Deck Builders

Investment Value

Though composite decking is winning in terms of functions and features, it doesn’t add much investment value when we’re talking about real estate developments. Wooden decks using hardwood is a winner here.

Though when we are talking about usability, it’s most likely that your composite deck will pay itself considering the savings from maintenance like when you have a wooden one.

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Questions to Ask Before hiring Deck Builders

Now that you’ve known the facts about composite decking, it’s time to evaluate them against your preference, budget, and lifestyle. For it to have a good impact on how you realize your investment, you should be able to achieve your short term and long term goals with it.

Professional Deck Contractors in Canton MI - Michigan Deck Builders
Deck Contractor in Canton MI - Michigan Deck Builders

​Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before proceeding with the decision and to a deck builders in Canton MI:

Do I have the budget?

​By this time, it is best that you already explored other decking materials with your deck builder in Canton MI like wood and aluminum. Budget is one important consideration and you should be transparent to your deck builder about it. Before closing a deal with your deck builder for your Canton MI home, make sure all the fees are laid out on the table and that you understand everything and agree on it.

Where will I place it?

​Location is important to consider when choosing the best decking material to use. Or if you suppose to choose composite decking, other than for the aesthetics, the color you’ll choose can also affect how it absorbs or deflect heat.
Having your deck builders in Canton, MI choose a light-colored decking pattern can help you address this. The good thing is that there are still a variety of options for colors and hues to choose from so you don’t have to worry about it looking off.

​Is it worth my money?

​There would still be a personal consideration when it comes to realizing an investment. It’s a fact that composite decking offers a lot of features and advantages for homeowners, though it is not the cheapest option for decks.
With the eight key indicators of its functionality and features according to deck builders in Canton, MI we mentioned above, hopefully you’ll make the best decision.

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